NMT Plus instructor Stewart Wild
Stewart A. Wild
Instructor, LMT, CNMT, CMTPT
About the NMT Plus Online Program

NMT Plus is an online learning program for those therapists wanting to learn and practice Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) to treat myofascial pain conditions. The 36 modules cover over 150 palpable muscles of the body. Along the way students will learn assessment, trigger point deactivation, neuromuscular glides, reinforcement techniques and homecare activities.

The NMT Plus program is the culmination of over 28 years studying with the best myofascial health professionals in the world. These include Paul St John, Judith DeLany, Leon Chaitow DO ND, Jan Dommerholt DPT, Robert Gerwin MD, Professor Andry Vleeming and Gil Headley.

The modules are well explained, flowing, practical, effective and easily incorporated into the clinical skillset that you already have. Helping people in pain will be your reward. I hope you enjoy using them as much as I have throughout my clinical and teaching career.

Join the NMT Plus program and gain access to all 36 modules at a reduced price of $10 per module. Alternatively, you have the option to purchase individual modules at a rate of $12 per module. This course allows you to learn at your own pace and complete it according to your schedule. Upon purchase, you will have access to all course content for a period of six months.

About Instructor Stewart Wild

Stewart began his massage career in 1994 after experiencing very effective sports massage from a gifted therapist who kept him free from injury while he pursued marathoning, cycling, triathlon, adventure racing and Ironman in his thirties and forties. This therapist encouraged Stewart to start studying massage therapy.

After being the first to certify in St John Neuromuscular Therapy at the New Zealand College of Massage (NZCM) the directors asked Stewart to teach an introductory course in 1998. He soon realized that there were gaps in his knowledge and skill. 

In 2000 he attended a conference in Washington DC and met some fabulous presenters, including Judith DeLany from St Petersburg Florida. In 2002 he attended two conferences in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington to further his knowledge and connections. After asking Judith whether one day she would be interested in teaching him her method he then applied for his US green card in order to spend time studying with her.

In 2003 Stewart was a full-time tutor on the Bachelor Of Therapeutic Massage program at the Southern Institute of health (SIT). There he taught neuromuscular therapy, pathophysiology, sports massage and anatomy and physiology.

Stewart and his wife moved to the US at the end of 2003 and started his American version NMT apprenticeship with DeLany the following year. In 2005 he taught his first US class in Charlottesville, Virginia. This began a five year teaching relationship with the NMT Center, teaching all over the US. In 2007 Stewart and his wife moved to Massachusetts and there he became a co-partner in the multi- disciplinary health business, 360 NMT in Needham MA.

Also in 2007, Stewart began studying Manual Trigger Point Therapy at Myopain Seminars under the tutelage of the world famous physiotherapist, Jan Dommerholt, of Myopain Seminars. He became the first licensed massage therapist to pass the course and become a Certified Manual Trigger Point Therapist, CMTPT.

In 2009 Jan asked Stewart to begin remodeling and teaching the manual therapy course for Myopain Seminars. He has now taught seminars throughout the United States, Vancouver, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

In 2011 Stewart was asked to become a member of the Certification Board Of Myofascial Trigger Point Therapists (CBMTPT). First he had to pass the board exam. That made him double certified in Neuromuscular Therapy and then double certified in CMTPT. In 2015 he left 360NMT to start Myopain Solutions in Dedham MA, where his thriving clinical practice continues to this day.